Think Big - Make It Happen - Embrace and Drive Change - Grow Together - Be Passionate About Customer Success ... This is Collabware.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We hail from beautiful Vancouver, BC, which means that we have impeccable umbrella etiquette and love the outdoors. The Pacific Northwest is our home and our headquarters so we personify the West Coast way of life. We believe in open-mindedness, teamwork and collaboration, but more fundamentally; we believe in being excited about our jobs. The reason we come to work every day is to make enterprise software less horrifying for people that rely on it. No small feat, but we love the challenge and it keeps us busy!

We decided to create software that would allow teams to effectively collaborate in a simple, stress-free way that is actually a joy to use (no, really). By championing user-friendly software for our clients, they can achieve work-life integration and spend more time on activities that they love (snowboarding, anyone?).

We have the perfect combination of technical knowledge with juuuuust enough fearless conviction to change the industry.

What It's Really Like at Collabware

The Collabware team is an inclusive mix of people with experience in a diverse range of industries. We are passionate about technology, disrupting the world of enterprise software and making really, really cool stuff.  

Our values center around thinking big (nothing is impossible!), making our goals happen and being excited by a fast paced environment with lots of change. It’s not unusual to walk into the office after lunch and propose a (brilliant) idea that will change the course of a project. Your ideas and input matter.

At Collabware, we understand and appreciate that you have a life outside of work which is why we have no set schedules- we measure results. You shouldn’t have to miss important moments in your daily life; you’re free to schedule your day around your kid’s soccer games or your parent’s medical appointments.

Technology companies have a bad reputation for their lack of diversity efforts, wage gap and discrimination against underrepresented groups (plus a bunch of other awful stuff). We trust that diversity maximizes innovation and we strive to be part of the solution. Here are some ways that we are trying to make the tech industry more inclusive and better for everyone:

  • We have women at the helm
  • There is no wage gap
  •  The oldest white man in our head office is 40 (Hi, Graham!)
  •  We don’t care which restroom you choose to use
  • Our paternity and maternity benefits are equal in merit and everyone is equally encouraged to take advantage of them
  •  We are actively working on our hiring pipeline
  • We enthusiastically mentor staff so they have the tools for advancement

We only care that you are awesome and that you give awesome.


Collabware has been recognized by a number of leading organizations for our innovative solutions and contributions to the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem.

KMWorld – Named to the “KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter In Knowledge Management”, March 2014

Forrester – Featured in “Market Overview: Information Governance For The Microsoft SharePoint Ecosystem, Q1 2014”, February 2014

Gartner – Featured in “Ecosystem Partner That Can Help You Mind Six Gaps In SharePoint”, October 2012